Aversion therapy is a form of psychological treatment in which the patient is exposed to a stimulus while simultaneously being subjected to some form of discomfort,” according to my ultimate source for all things true, Mr. Wikipedia.

Ahem. I’m starting to develop some pretty strong associations with Candyland. Some of them, aversions.

Turmeric, which is apparently very good for antagonizing Sara, I now completely associate with Brain Candy and I believe I will never want to eat again when this is all over.

Garlic. Ditto.

Smoothies. Ditto (times a thousand).

Curry. Yup. Ditto.

Green tea. Nettle tea. Ginger tea. Licorice tea. Check. Check. Check. And check.

Carrots (which is odd, because I’ve barely eaten any, but they’re always in my fridge, looking at me, just threatening that I will have to eat them).

Then there’s music. I listened to Lana Del Ray on Pandora during my first couple of weeks of radiation. Sorry Lana. I will always associate you with cancer now. And I loved you so much.

The flip side of my growing aversions is the things that I normally loved, which I can’t even fathom consuming now. Mainly, red meat and booze. Gah-what? These are two passions of mine. But not these days. They just taste wrong. Interestingly, Wikipedia says, “The major use of aversion therapy is currently for the treatment of addiction to alcohol.” Hmmmm.

Oh, and the things that I will probably always associate with this time as part of Operation Woo-Woo, but I hope to stick with for the rest of my life? My daily walks (two-plus miles through forests and along the beach with a big hill-climb at the end). Herbs (I HATE HATE HATE taking pills, but I truly believe they’re healthful). Acupuncture with David Goodell (Magic. It apparently balances my chi., but all I know is it makes me feel gah-happy.). Massage (If you’re in Seattle, Two Smiling Feet in Fremont does a whole body reflexology massage for $30/hour). And perhaps a little Reiki now and then (can’t really define how it seems to help. It just … does).

In conclusion dear family and friends, I would say that there’s a bit of Malcolm McDowell from A Clockwork Orange going on. Some things I’ll probably never want again. Some things I’ll fall back into. And unlike Malcolm, hopefully, some things I’ll stick with that will make for a better, healthier future.

Photo above from one of my walks with Arthur (the family labradoodle).

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