After a tortuous 24 hours of Kathy crying, moaning, convulsing and calling out the names of those who have passed before her (Grandma, Mama, Daddy, Carol, Fred, Richard, and most curiously and quite often someone named Marilyn), she has settled into a deep slumber, breathing heavily but steadily.
As we softly ask her to hold on for Sam and Rose (Sam arrives today from Albuquerque, Rose tomorrow from China), we hold her hands, run our fingers through her soft kinky hair, kiss her smooth pale cheeks, and cry.
Friends have been passing through to pay their last respects, tell their favorite (usually hilarious) Kathy stories, and share in this moment of transition. And while it’s mostly been a somber time, we’re trying to honor Kathy’s great spirit and sharp humor with joy and levity.
ADABEL: (digging into what little Chapstick she has): I’m almost out.
D-D: There’s more over on that table.
ADABEL: That’s been all over Kathy’s mouth.
D-D: Yeah, that’s true. You don’t wanna catch death.

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