Rose is en route to Merry Olde Englande to join Augusta for a month’s adventure with Susan and famille and Malini and famille. 

Who are these people, you ask? I’m glad you ask.

Susan is Helen’s sister, both of whom went to Annie Wright and Smith avec moiselles.

Susan lives in Somerset in a house that has a name, “The Engine House” (because it used to be an engine house for a mine, you can see it here). Susan is the level-headed, calm, quick-to-laugh and generous wife of Jonathan Thompson and mother of Saul, Joel, Luke and Kit – count ‘em – that’s FOUR BOYS. The first time I visited the Thompsons (Kit was just a bun in the proverbial oven), the waking hour sounded like a Sounders game as the boys unleashed early-morning baby-boy mayhem in the old stone manse. 

And Malini went to Smith avec moiselles. We lived in Dawes House, a large house but small dorm that held around 17 women (and Jack) from around the world. I’d like to give a hearty shout-out to Malini, who recently won the Asian Women of Achievement Award in the social and humanitarian category for her work on corporate responsibility and sustainability. She does a lot of work with women, primarily in India. Malini also has the most fantabulous edible garden in London, where Rose and Augusta will be living and helping Malini with a project on the history of women in London AND with the tending of Malini’s three darling children, Leyla, Alexander and Sofia.

And can we just talk? Rosie cut off all her hair! She donated it to an organization that makes wigs for people who, ahem, lose their hair due to cancer. Now, the haircut and the hair donation were not out of some Mommy Solidarity (not that it was not NOT out of solidarity, it was just not specifically out of solidarity, right?). She’s wanted a new do for ages and donating her hair earned her a free cut at the Aveda Institute.

And word on the street is that Augusta (in solidarity with Rose) bobbed her hair too. Stay tuned for photos…

Have fun girls!

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