Cheerio, y’all!

England has been WONDERFUL, thanks to the gracious Thompson family and a surreally beautiful countryside.

After meeting up with Susan (background: I used to babysit Susan’s children when I was a child) and Rose (hello, my daughter) at Heathrow, we found Susan number two (we both went to Annie Wright and Smith) and headed home to Susan’s estate (passing Stonehenge on the way) to catch the last rays of the sun with tea and bubbly. 

We visited Giffords Circus today, who put on a charming show complete with miniature ponies, operatic divas, and non-scary clowns! For those of you who don’t know, I lived with Giffords four years ago selling tickets in the box office by day and washing pots and pans by night. I loved the circus.

Toti, one of the owners, was mean to me. I didn’t love Toti. I saw him today and didn’t say, “Hi.”

The end.

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