Da Louvre.

A little history: Philip II built the Louvre in the 12th century as a fortress, but in 1682, Louis XIV turned it into his fabulous little palais in the city. Lots of artsy shenanigans happened there for the next 100 years until the French Revolution, when the National Assembly decreed it should become a museum to house the nation’s treasures.

Lucky us. 

Now, I have to come clean. We didn’t actually go into the Louvre. Rose was dead set on hitting a nearby famous tea house and the crowds, people, are overwhelming. And this is a trip that is too short for the time commitment that the Louvre requires. And we had spent a good hour (or two?) being lost due to my completely lame sense of direction. 

Total sidenote: We passed over the Pont Neuf (literal translation: Bridge Nine) a comedic nine times we were winding around and lost so much of the day. You’re welcome, Susan and Rose. I know Paris and I speak French. You’re welcome. Again.

Well, my shmancy camera is out of battery and I forgot the charger, so today we’re trying to find a charger. Jack, you may have to Fedex it to Amsterdam! Ugh!

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