And so it begins.

As a burly group of axe-wielding, drill-drilling, hammer-smashing men took to Bogart’s walls, ceilings and floors, the Airport Way hangout began to look less like a dive-y sports bar and started looking more like a joint you might want to call home.

Gone are the ‘80s mirrors. Gone is the sports memorabilia. Gone are the hurkin’ TVs from the windows and walls. Gone are the chain link fences delineating one seating area from another.

Windows that had long been filled in were opened back up. Secret doors obscured by corrugated steel were revealed. Construction projects gone awry were exposed. And pull tabs were sent packing.

While the dedicated demolition team ripped, stripped, pounded and pulled, the project’s more delicate fans offered support and admiration for a job well done.

To thank our tireless helpers, Jack smoked prime rib, Ada brought Shiner beer, and Trixie (of Trixie’s Desserts), brought her outrageously wonderful Swamp Cake (a moist, dense yellow cake), Black Bottom Cake (a custard cake that is not unlike a German chocolate cake), Citrus Blast cake (lemony and moist) and Gorilla Pudding (a homemade banana pudding with real bernoonoos).

Contractor Chris Thomas noted, “We just got through three days of work thanks to these guys.”

So yeah … thanks guys – and gals. Now when you dine with us, you’ll be able to point to windows, walls, doors, bars, food and lights and say, “I made that happen.”

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