Down by Cowboy Way

Goddamn I love a good rodeo! Where else do you get upstanding citizens all worked up with fire in their heart, god in their soul, dirt down their shirt, and a two thousand pound beast bucking between their legs???

Jack, Rose and I dragged Helen (whom I went to Annie Wright and Smith with), Joel (her nephew from England, see previous post) and Bill (Helen’s fiance) to the Ellensburg Rodeo this weekend and WeeHaw, was it knock-your-nose-in-the-dirt fun!

In addition to the visual entertainment of bull ridin’, bronco buckin’, chuck wagon racin’,  and flag wavin’, we also got some good sound advice: 

“Do what is lived right here in the Kittitas. All you gotta do is love god with all your heart and love your neighbor like yourself.”

I’m not a religious sort, but I’ll say, “Amen” to that.

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