Jack’s childhood friend David Berry is hosting us while we’re in Conroe, Texas. Hailing from a family of 11 children who grew up in White Rock Lake behind Jack’s home, David shares just about every Texas memory Jack has since he grew up playing with David and his siblings until he moved out of his parents’ house to go to Texas A&M.

Hanging out with David is just some kind of a thing. He is like a rolling monologue of Texas comedy.

“Tamina is like Arkansas,” says David, as we’re driving around this morning looking for a place to get breakfast. “He who dies with the most cars in his yard wins.”

As we drive by another place, Jack asks, “Compadres, is that open for breakfast?”

“Yeah it’s open, but he wants $4 for two eggs,” surmises David. “At that price, I’ll just steal them out of my neighbor’s chicken coop.”

We ended up at Taquerias Arandes, where they have a dish called “Huevos Divorciados.” It’s two eggs separated by frijoles and steak.

“Up in Fayetteville, they say, ‘Hey, if I divorce you, are you still my sister?” laughs David when we see the divorced eggs on the menu.

Well, he and Jack are at a high school football game right now (David’s son is on the team). But they’ll be home soon and David’s gonna grill up some of his specialties.

“I’ll let you taste my deer sausage with our steaks tonight,” promises David. “You are going to shit a brick.”

Pictured above: David and Jack and vignettes at David’s house. 

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