I’m not a big fan of the wedding.

I much prefer funerals. They’re honest and much more interesting.

So it was with no small amount of reluctance that I agreed to attend Trish Root and Stephen Johnson’s wedding. A) I didn’t know them. B) I was a “plus one.” C) Back to the point that I’m not a big fan of the wedding.

But I am a big fan of my niece, Laura. She can talk me into anything. And she promised me I would enjoy this particular evening.

She did not lie.

It was ah-mazing.

From the couple’s dogs Titus and Timber hoofing down the aisle, to the high-energy swing dance performances, to the clear and concise dance class, to the dancing with the Rainy City Riff Raff (who adeptly delivered classic jazz amid pop rock of yesteryear), to the ravishingly-decorated Mary Gates Hall, to the simply fantastic champagne, to the radiance emanated by a couple who are so clearly in love – it was a magical night filled with love, fun, charm, humor, beauty and style.

Congratulations Trish and Stephen!

You are a beautiful couple!!!

And that might just be the tipping point for me to become … a fan of the wedding.

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