Jack’s inaugural smoke out!

After blanketing half of Madrona in post-oak burnoff (it’s a kind of wood from Central Texas, “post oak,” hello, did you not know this?), we had dem neighbors and dem friends and dem family over for dem BBQ and it was gooooood (say it with as many syllables as possible please, this is a Southern thang). 

Jack smoked brisket, chicken and kielbasa in his new old-school Texas off-set smoker (it looks like a choo-choo train) for 24 hours straight (and, er, several beers and martinis later). How was it all? Pretty frigging fantabulous.

Have you ever had buttery meats? They’re, well, they’re just well-cooked animals with big eyes that make you go all rabid and hungry and carnivorous and you feel guilty for going down hard on them after they’ve been slaughtered and prepped in the best way but it’s just like a silent fart … you can’t resist. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. 

And yeah. Just a real quick post script here. The side dishes rocked (ha, yes, Jack, they ROCKED, because at the Nth hour you asked me to MAKE THEM ALL!) and the homemade banana pudding never set (because at the Nth hour you asked me to MAKE IT ALL!).

Xs & Os from BBQ Land!

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