Just another manic Sunday.

The day began with a proper Easter “basket” for Rose filled with lettuce and Chinese candy.

We proceeded to The Regent for a schwank Italian brunch, where we all lost sense of our inner editors and wounded ourselves eating WAY TOO MUCH.

Michael and Lindsay inspired us to hit the Beijing International Improv Festival, where we saw, well, improv. Give us a word! Give us a location! That sort of thing. Some of it was charming. I enjoyed Seoul City Improv. And at intermission an opera student (the little girl pictured above) sang for everyone and twirled her Chinese baton. That was sweet.

We putt-putted around on Lake Houhai in a battery-operated boat that just … barely … made … it … back … to … the … dock. I was laughing as we floated in on no power and Jack was in full panic mode that we were going to be stuck in the middle of a man-made Chinese lake for all eternity. Seriously, people. He was panicking.

Then a completely lack-luster dinner in what looked like a promising restaurant (we’re learning to stay local for our grubs and bees) but turned out to be third-rate and high-priced tourist food.

And what would cap off any perfect Easter Sunday, but a burlesque show. See next entry!

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