The Burlesque Nutcracker

I was going to wait to tell you about some of my favorite holiday shows, but I see they’re already selling out so I’ll start telling yas now.

For the eighth spectacular year in a row, Lily Verlaine and Jasper McCann present Land of the Sweets: The Burlesque Nutcracker.

It is a humorous, glamorous, adult take on the children’s holiday tale, complete with the Sugar Plum Fairy (Miss Indigo Blue), the Rat King (Waxie Moon) and the Countess of Coffee (Lily Verlaine).

Many of Seattle’s celebrity burlesque performers carry the show, with a refreshing mix of up-and-coming dancers and performers filling out the sexy roster. I’ve been going to the show since 2007 and, like a fine holiday wine, this show just gets better and better.

Land of the Sweets runs from Sunday, Dec. 12, to Saturday, Dec. 28 at The Triple Door in downtown Seattle. Tickets range from $32.50 to $42.50. If you want to go, book here now now now. I’m not kidding. It’s selling out very quickly. We’re going to the 5 p.m. Christmas Eve show, so if you can come that night and there are tickets available, let’s bump into each other!

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