Quit Wining Already

We were unceremoniously invited to leave our house this weekend due to prom fun and the complete hindrance adults can be during said weekend, so Jack and I headed to Eastern, WA and the wine country. 

Stops along the way: Alexandria in Prosser to hang out with Chef Frank Magana. He roasted a whole pig, and the evening’s festivities also included salsa dancing, and of course, wine tasting. Ariba. Then stops at Bacon and Eggs in Walla Walla to visit Michelle and podnah (who watched Rose grow up at the Hi-Spot and dog-sat Zack and Lucy gah-numerous times) and their amazing resto, and then a quick visit with Tim (whom Jack used to work with in the high tech world) who started Sinclair Estates Winery and his schmancy B&B, Vine and Roses. Good times.

How was prom? Photos to come! 

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