Ah. Mah. Gahd. ‘Twas so good.

In celebration of America’s birthday (it’s 237 years says our British friend, Saul, who keeps track of these details), we did a vomitously American pop-up at the Capitol Hill Chinese restaurant Chungees (and, honestly, our fave hang-out). 

Within one hour, we had more American flags and ‘Merikan BBQ and Johnny Cash hangin’ out on their front sidewalk than the White House portico. 

Happy America!

Photos above: The server line; Vince Mira (fabourous!!!!!); food, a plate of food; Tom Farrell, who owns Chungees with the wonderful Wen (Wen, how do you spell your name?), and the two were deliciously nervous about our sort-of, off-the-grid style, which, sometimes, is not completely legal; Carter, checkin’ dem peeps in; Saul, man, goin’ tribal with the cleanup; Paula and Robert (aka Elvez, those two brought in the decor, created the vibe, AND chopped, diced and sliced sides like rock stars!); Rose and Morgan (the best checkin-inners EVER); Lindsay and Abby (K, Lindsay just shows up man at these things and tows the line, and Abby, what what? that woman is the Side Queen. Officially. She slices, dices, man-handles recipes, just eff-ing tows the line when I can’t … Abby … thank you); and Robert and Saul (best spirits EVER). Thanks all!!!!

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