Step by Step

Thanks to EVERYONE who walked this weekend in the Seattle Brain Cancer Walk benefitting brain cancer research on Saturday.

I would like to extend a special thanks to Annette for organizing our team this year and keeping the support alive. Annette, you so sweet!

We had a healthy group of almost 20 people on our team, raising upwards of $1,000 (I just made my donation today).

I’ve worked hard during the past year to keep a stiff upper lip and use my “positive attitude” to fight brain cancer. But when I walked around the corner at Seattle Center and saw all the people holding up placards of those they’d lost to the disease or saw survivors in their telltale bright green t-shirts, a rush of emotions washed over me.

Damn. That happened, I thought. And it kinda sucked.

The enormity of the months spent facing my mortality and fighting for my life hit me. It’s not the first time it’s hit me, of course. But as I pull away from treatment and focus on recuperation, the drumroll of that journey will just blindside me sometimes and a little pulse of fear that it may return knocks me off-center. I basically try to pretend it never happened in hopes that ignoring the beast will keep it on the other side of the gate.

But I have my secret weapon: Medical Advancement. Every day scientists get closer to cures for so many deadly ailments, including Medulloblastomas. And every day, I send a silent prayer that their efforts will save more and more lives, including mine.

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