Jack produced the First Annual Rainier Valley BBQ Contest, which went off today without a hitch, but filled the air with plenty of fire and smoke.

Six teams entered. Six trophies were handed out. Diverse animals were smoked. And many beverages were consumed.

A huge thanks to sponsors Steve and Tia at The Royal Room for donating their perfect location (The Royal Room in Columbia City) and Leanne from Jones Barbecue for bringing her own meats to the event (our condolences to her family for the recent loss of her mother). 

Jack also wants to thank our team of illustrious judges, who didn’t eat all day to save room for the savory, spicy and succulent samples. 

And most of all, our hats off to the competitors, who rallied at 7 a.m., unloaded unwieldy smokers, and conjured their own brand of magic for the next seven hours. You men are the bombs!

Now, next year, let’s see some ladies compete … and show these guys a thing or two about how to treat their meat!

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