There’s no business like snow business

I told y’all a couple of weeks ago that Jack posted tickets for Seattle Brisket Experience 9 (SBX9) and tickets quickly sold out. After fielding more than a few frustrated complaints, Jack posted another brisket experience (SBX10) for this past Sunday.

That one sold out in 42 minutes.

And so on Saturday, the scent of burning mesquite filled our Madrona neighborhood as quiet snowflakes hit the smoking black beast and Jack loaded it with hundreds of pounds of all-natural choice grade brisket, pork ribs, pulled pork, jalapeno cheddar sausage and kielbasa.

“Smoking in the snow was beautiful and surreal,” Jack told me. “But my biggest challenge was tuning the instrument” (his new 13,000 pound off-set steel smoker).

After two days of excited (and slightly nervous) smoking, Jack loaded up the Eurovan complete with Texas caviar, remoulade cole slaw, jalapeno/cheese corn pudding, and dark chocolate brownies, and headed to SBX10’s event space, Hilliard’s Brewery in Fremont.

As people handled up on a beer, snagged a seat, and listened to surf guitar band The Evanstone’s, Jack and his team of servers handled up on their own beer, lined up behind the table and braced for the throng.

“Jack, table’s are filling up,” I have to tell him, so distracted is he working the room and talkin’ ‘cue. “Get your meat out.”

The signature line, which moves surprisingly quickly, formed and plates were heaped with a pound of meat, fresh sides, jalapenos, pickles, onions and white bread. And you know, most plates are shockingly empty by the end of the night. It’s crazy. I think more than a few devotees leave SBX in a meat coma. I hear things.

We don’t know when the next SBX will be (Jack usually does one a month and only plans it a week or two in advance), but if you have a hard time getting a ticket, rest easy. I can’t divulge EVERYTHING yet, but we are in the process of creating a permanent space for some of the country’s finest slice. IT’S GONNA ROCK. Oh my god … the plans!

So stay tuned. And thank you to everyone who helped this week: Rose, Samantha, Sofie, Abby and Leslie on sides and dessert; Dennis as assistant pit master; Abby, Jenny, Brian, Dennis and Andrew on the line; Leslie as the glamorous greeter; Hal for bringing his great music and fantastic vibe to the room; and Tim for the thankless but absolutely crucial help with setup, cleanup, and tending to the side table! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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