Ten fun things about visiting Mom in the nursing home
1) You can fart and just look around like, “Alright, who cut the cheese?”
2) You can sing off key and mess up all the lyrics and nobody will notice.
3) You can fall asleep in your chair while watching TV or having dinner.
4) You can brag about your accomplishments – or make up new ones – all day long.
5) You can wear Costco leisure pants, a sweatshirt, and big puffy athletic shoes and you will be fashionably on trend.
6) You can splop spaghetti sauce on your top and eet’s OK.
7) You can play the knowledge game and kill the competition.
8) You can do endless wheelies with mom’s wheelchair.
9) You can hold an adult’s hand and there’s nothing awkward about it.
10) You can say nothing if you’re feeling quiet. You can dance if you’re feeling the music. And you can tell secrets if you need to talk. Afterall, it’s Mom. She’s on your side. And she won’t remember your whisperings by the time you’re out the door.

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