This is Centre Pompidou. 

Let me tell you why I love it. My German friend Julia Reschop took me here for the first time with Jack. We met Julia at Smith and she was our wedding photographer and very bossy and actually, very fun. This was 20 some years ago. She was a consummate artist and at the time she was all, “Deconstructionist this,” and “Deconstructionist that.” Deconstructionism was a very important concept in 1989. Anyway, we thought it was funny and she was just so German.

Then, about a year later, we received a black card in the mail. Julia had died in an accident in Switzerland. And to this day, every time I go to the bizarre little 1970s mash-up that is the Centre Pompidou – complete with pick-pockets, street musicians, pop-art sculptures – it will always be Julia explaining deconstructionism over hot chocolate and Gitanes.

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