This would be L’Hotel national des Invalides.

Napoleon was buried under the gold dome in 1840. Yes he was.

And it was a retirement home and hospital for military vets until the 20th century. And you know, it might still be a home for veterans, but I’m not sure. I do know it houses several war-related museums. I’ve never been in, but I swear I will visit it on my next trip.

And totally apropos of nothing, one of my favorite hotels is a stone’s throw away from Les Invalides – Latour Maubourg. It has new owners, however, and seems to be a little cheesier for the wear (they built a hammam in the basement, turned the original salon into more hotel rooms, and replaced all the antiques with glossy new reproduction crap). But whatever. When I’m rich I’ll buy it and return it to its faded glory and invite all of you to come stay and never leave, except possibly to play bocce ball at the nearby park and whistle at the pigeons. 

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