Thanks to everyone who showed up and walked the absolutely grueling mile around Seattle Center to raise lucre for brain candy patients and top dog brain candy research at the Seattle Brain Cancer Walk!

Team Deirdre raised almost $5,000 for the event because of your generosity (with Annette Raubvogel at the helm – well done Nettie). Loveliest of ladies Leslie Olson and Susan Scheer hosted a champagne brunch after that was knock-your-knickers-in-the-dirt fantastic (Julia Child’s scrambled eggs – scramble the eggs then add cream, unbelievable).

It was a wildly successful event and I was thoroughly jolted to the heart from it all.

But true confessions? I’ve been emotional this weekend, missing Julyne’s wedding, fighting a cold (these days, I take those seriously), and learning that my journey is going to be a little different than I expected (more on that later). So when we entered Next 50 Plaza at Seattle Center and I saw pictures and posters and t-shirts of all the brain candy martyrs, and I saw all the brain candy tents with food and bands and information, and I saw all the people who had been touched by the demon warriors and were there to help build a better arsenal to fight them, I’m not gonna lie to you, I came a little unhinged. This is a weird emotional ride, I tell ya, and though the Fun Forest is no longer at Seattle Center, I was screaming and crying on the ride that that little piece of real estate hosted today. 

Pictured above: Group photo, top row from left to right: Paula, Kerry, Misty, Joe, David, Annette, Liz, Sam, Nora, bottom row from left to right: Greg, Alan, Lee Anne, Barbara, Jack, moiselles, Lisa, Andrew, Augusta; Lindsay, me and Michael; Greg, me and Paula; me and Barbara; me, Lee Anne (she’s my cousin, Virginia’s daughter!) and Al (cousin-in-law); team logo (and my greatest fear); Marty, me, Sam and Liz; me and Jack; me receiving a patient gift (I chose two tix to Priscilla Queen of the Desert – SCORE!); David, me, Annette and Joe. 

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