That’s right. WOW!

The annual Wisdom of Women conference is comin’ up and – oh boy – prepare to raise the roof on the feminine spirit and transform the world!

The weekend-long celebration includes classes, meditations, artwork, crafts, blissed-out dances, drum circles, mystical tents, and myriad programs to awaken the feminine super powers within all of us and “dance, collaborate, generate, inseminate, incubate and welcome the Holy Offspring.”

During the conference, there will be a Women of Wisdom Marketplace, with such items as synergistic blends to guide you to your “scents of knowing,” altar cloths, ethically-sourced jewelry, hand-made paper prayer beads, and “Renaissance Rags” (wearable art garments).

The Women of Wisdom Temple will host intuitive readers, healers, henna artists, and certified pure essential oil alchemists. I think of this as the healing zone, where I would doubtless spend the bulk of my time – if only I didn’t have to attend an out-of-town wedding.

The Spirit Drum Circle – featuring “drumming with intention” – is not about following rhythms, it’s about drumming as a devotional act with your sisters. Organizers encourage women to bring drums, rattles and sacred objects to contribute to the community altar.

The Pink Tent – also listed as the Red Tent – invites participants to contribute pink (red?) items, to wear pink (red?), and to spark your inner fire to celebrate our shared blood and history with the “sensuousness of dancing with a pink (red?) silk scarf.” I would contact the organizers on that one to find out which it really is – pink or red?

And if you just want to take a sacred break, the Community Area offers coffee, tea and a poetry wall, to which attendees are welcome to contribute.

The epic four-day event features numerous classes, from Aging with Grace and Beauty (offered by Bergith Kayyali and Roberta Sherwood, pictured above), to Finding your Sacred Language through Art to Birthing your own Elk Drum. Teachers include authors, filmmakers, Earth ceremonialists and spiritual sages – to list just a few.

And men, just because you don’t have female giblets does not mean you’re not welcome! The organizers at WOW welcome you to attend some things (check the website).

WOW runs Friday, Feb. 14 through Monday, Feb. 17, with pre-conference workshops Feb. 12-14 at North Seattle Community College and the Standing Stone Healing & Arts Center, 943 No. 89th St., Seattle. Full weekend passes range from $98 to $295 (or pay for individual classes). Check the website or call 206-782-3363 for more information.

This is a fragrance-free event.

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